Sleepy Puppy falls asleep on baby

This video was 9 years ago, I can imagine the kid running around with the grown dog in the backyard, how heartwarming would an update on the two beThe puppy still looks very young. He/she probably hasn’t been away from their mother long and is still used to sleeping cuddled up in a litter.i love how the puppy changed position several times. I think the puppy was trying to find the least vulnerable spot to rest his head since kids that young are pretty soft boned and fragile. Animals can be very perceptive and mindful.AWWWWWWW that’s really sweet , it left me speechless the way that puppy fell asleep on that baby , sooooo cute Both of them congratulations to the family and happy holidays .one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a while. The kindness in the voice, the adorable puppy eyes, the kinship and loyalty towards the sleeping baby… has everything I need for an uplifting post in turbulent times.Oh My Goodness!! That puppy took guarding the baby very seriously. Even when she realized she couldn’t hold out much longer, she laid on him to protect him in her sleepI really loved this video. Even at such a young age the puppy understands he is responsible for protecting the baby. So adorable.However I am very concerned about the leash that the puppy is wearing, it could easily get tangled around the baby’s neckAgain in these dark times, the puppy returns to soothe our hearts and souls.

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