Stray Cat Sneaks Into The Zoo Looking For Food, But Finds An Unusual Friend

Great story,Iam glad the zoo kept her.There are so many strays out there that need help,I wish there were more people out there to help them.I told myself I wouldn’t cry. I don’t know why stuff like this just gets to me so much. I guess it’s the feeling of hope and love it brings.This makes my heart so happy. Two unlikely friends end up being there for each other. God bless you for letting them be together.I had to re-watch this. This is adorable. Bestest Buddies. Who said Lynxes were solitary creatures. Just shows the species isn’t so stereotypical.This is another example of how humans are the equaliser that lets animals be friends. In the wild, this might not happen, but the bobcat is well fed and cared for, so is able to let this other smaller cat into its territory and become a friendOH MY GOSH! This is the CUTEST thing EVER! THEY LOVE each other, ABSOLUELY!!! I LOVE this! SOOO HAPPY the zoo kept this calico kitty FRIEND of this SWEET LOVING bobcat! SHARING THIS FOR SURE! LOVELY!!!I get shit from buddies about my love for cats..but I look at them the same way I do a dog..they’re both beautiful animals and this story just melted me.that bobcat could have had a meal but needed a friend more❤

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