THE CUTEST German Shepherd Puppies Ever!!

Brings back happy memories of choosing our German shepherd puppy. Now he’s 9 years old and still gorgeous.I was having such a rough day at work. I’m an “essential worker” so I will admit there are days I am burned out dealing with patients and staff. Until I logged on here; I feel much better now!!! Puppies make everything better, especially German Shepherds. Thank you for sharing this video with us; your videos always put such a smile on my faceHard to believe it’s been two years since this video was posted.Sometimes I wonder where these guys are now. I hope they all found good homes where they will be happy and loved.I saw a woman at the park about 5 years ago that had a German Shepherd puppy. I got to play with it for a couple minutes while talking to her, coolest little dog in the world.German Shepherds are my all time FAVORITE dog!!! My most favorites are the long hair GS. We had one, he loved us for 11 1/2 years!! He loved and protected his family. He was truly the BEST dog we ever had!! Miss you Sonic!!I would love to spend a few hours with this little gang. I had to say goodbye to my German shepherd girl 3 days ago and this made me laugh and cry at the same timeI just got a 10 week old Chug (Pug got a visit from neighbor Bad Boy Chihuahua). He is adorable and has made a huge difference in my life…I laugh hourly. Puppies are the best. Love this video…can’t wait to see more. They are just so cute and uplifting. In the middle of a horrible pandemic and hazardous heatwave (Tucson) so I need my uplifts !!!!!! :0)These puppies are adorable! I Love my german shepherds. When their puppies they are so cute, and when they grow up they are so handsome!🐶❤

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