The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today! Giant Husky Guards Baby!!

I love how Nathan is already used to being sniffed and snuggled by his “sitters”! He sleeps happily through it all.Most kids have stuffed toy 🧸 Teddy bears to play with. But Baby Nathan is special as he has a real-life “Teddy Bear” (pun intended) to play with. ❤️❤️❤️Nathan’s going to have such colorful stories to tell in pre-school and Kindergarten about his car-sized four-legged furry guardians. I wonder if the other kids will believe him.Everything was fine and dandy until Teddy and Milo started going at it, and then that was it. No shenanigans in the room when Nathan’s there!!!Teddy is such a sweet, sweet boy & I know Milo secretly loves him…..Nathan just keeps getting cuter & cuter!! Such a lovely picture of him & Teddy sleeping side by side! ❤️❤️❤️Seeing Teddy guarding then laying by Master Nathan, was so awesome. It seems like whatever animal is guarding either Master Nathan or Princess Mia takes their job very seriously when it’s their turn. I’m glad that there’s video so when they both grow up, they can see how well they were taken care of and especially how loved they both were.Teddy digging into the pillow with his nose is so funny and cute! This video made my day – seeing fluffy Teddy smile, and the equally fluffy Milo speaking on command. 🥰This is quite plausibly the most cutest and adorable thing I’ve ever seen!! 🥰Your kids are super duper lucky to have such protective guardians who will always love and snuggle and watch over them!! This is what everyone needs more of!!This was so sweet! Liked seeing your giant husky just wanting to play with Milo and being very gentle yet playful trying to engage Milo. And of course, they are top-rated baby sitters. Really precious.❤❤

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