The hen watched in amazement as the kitten hugged the chick tightly to sleep. cute and funny animal

Ive been raising birds for over 15 years and seeing this, amazes me. That cat is literally 1 in a millionThat look the cat had when they first went under her was precious. She was like, “ I can’t lay down. I’ll crush them. What am I to do?”This is a healing therapeutic to the soul, love it, especially the cat mom’s patience and kindness. They are pure, loving,humbleness.I love how they all know instinctively to get under the cat where it’s warm and safe…pidder paddler goes my little heart❤Impressionante a calma e paciência que essa gata tem,lindos de mais todos,deus abençoe os que amam e cuidam🙏🏿🙌🏿✨😻😺🐈🐤🐔🐓💛🧡💛🧡🇧🇷🇧🇷La gallina se enamoró de quien ve que cuida a sus pollitos. Algo demasiado hermoso es esta vivencia entre animalitos tan diferentes. Cuidenlo 🥰It’s like that book, “unlikely friends.” I love them resting together at the end. Mama hen got a well-deserved break and the cat may not know what’s happening but seems to really like it. What’s not to love about this?❤🐈🐓COMO SEMPRE FALO ! OS ANIMAIS SÃO MAIS AMOROSOS E QUERIDOS QUÊ O SER QUÊ SE DIZ HUMANO! É MUITO LINDO O CARINHO DO GATINHO Gatito se quedan todos dormiditos en familia contentos y tranquilos durmiendo en paz que tiernos se ven y ver estos videos así es tan gratificante verlos dormiditosThe other cats that live together with chicks, usually, cant resist but play occasionally with them in a not exactly delicate way. This is the first cat I see that is totally respectful to the chicks, beautiful and harmonious sight..Espero que no sea el unico que mira esto en 2023 y habla español 😓Pero enserio esto es muy tierno y seguramente los cuidas muy bien :3 Si leen esto que dios los bendiga y bendiga a esa familia ✌️😼🐥🐓 😁😁Saludos desde argentina 🇦🇷 ¡¡que les vaya bien a esas ternuras 😃This is so beautiful! I have had several cats over the years and my cats would not have done this as they often hunted. Some of my cats had kittens and this cat is treating these chicks as if they were her own kittens. And sometimes cats share motering an other cat’s kittens as well ❤

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