The kitten is a qualified mother of a chick, the daily life of the chick and the kitten

Can there be anything more beautiful and lovely and sweeter than this !To me, this is ultimate (:💝🎅cichutko żeby się nie obudziły,,,jakie to slodkie,,,❤buziaczki posylam daleko,,,🎅miłych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia życzę,,,,🌲🎅🌲Incredible. I can only think the cat’s maternal instincts have convinced her that the chicks are her offspring. Lovely cat and chicks.The chicks fall asleep as soon as they get cuddled. The cat reacts instinctively when they crowd under her belly as if they were kittens wanting to nurse. This is pretty darn cute! Squeeeeeee!Mirian :Que coisa mais linda meu Deus é muito fofo , parabéns pra você viu que Deus abençoe eu amei assistir esse vídeo muito lindoBom dia.Q coisa mais linda…..isso prova q ainda existe amor….c certeza verdadeira mãe…q é o amor mais próximo de Deus.❣️🙏🏼💞👏🏼That’s the sweetes cat I’ve seen in my lifeHe so concerned about giving the warm that he cover them with it’s tale 🤗I can tell that even if kitten puts all her weight on any chicken lying under her belly, they won’t get harmed even a little bit 🥰Pobre gatito al fin se duerme rendido, aun así sigue cuidandoles. Bellos animalitos. BendicionesGush! The sweetest thing! They all really love to cuddle up! Probably cause they feel warm and protected! Actually, back in the 40’s children in the US used to sleep on the same bed! That’s before all this craze for so much individuality and privacy! But we can see here that animals still look for warmth!kucing dan anak ayam saja bisa berteman walau berbeda jenis. smoga kita bisa mengambil hikmah agar selalu menyayangi sesama manusia mau pun dengan mahluk lain seperti kucing trsebut.smoga pesan tersirat ini bisa membuat kita menjadi lebih lagismoga pemberi pesan ini selalu sehat sekelurga dan selalu dapat kebaikan aamiin

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