The kitten is a qualified mother of newborn birds, baby kitten take care tiny birds

Watching a cute little kitten giving little baby birds a bath until I saw ( 3:09 ) the other cat freaking the heck out in the background 😂That cat needs a ticket from the cuteness police for being too cute. Seriously she’s adorable especially for being so careful with those chicksImagine descending from the T-rex only to become entertainment for a kitten.Oh my dear beauty baby u know nothing than tobe so affectionate to all the little ones my dear and the other beauty baby is so busy in playing with itself and the little inocent chicks are so adorable May God Bless U ALL and the owner too my dear 🙏🙏🌹🌹🙏🙏The kitten is literally tasting them. Idk why do people feel the need to put them together like this when anything could happen. Just made me anxious instead🤦🏻‍♀️the birds triggered the hormone that makes cats go in to mother mode and they dont care what it is, they take care of them.Wait what!? I was taught cats eat birds all the time! Now you tell me they are besties? My world view is shattered!Everyone is enthused about the behaviour of the little chicks and the kitten, but does nobody want to know, where the real mother of the chicks is, so that they urgently need to find protection by a kitten ? And what happens, when the kitten is growing up and see the chicks as it’s toy ? The first time I found this also totally cute, but then I began to think it over and so should you. I think, the owner just wants to make money with our chlicks.Will that cat ever have time to eat or sleep. Put those birds in a cage. And let humans take care of them, and feed them. Give the mama cat a break. Please!!!Imagine descending from the T-rex only to become entertainment for a kitten.

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