The last puppy was not actively eating不 Guess how many golden retrievers there are Funny Dog

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Awwww these puppies are soo cutehow does this caretaker get them to all nap at the same time…It’s nice that he has a lot of patience with all those puppies.However, the fact that this is a breeding business establishment is just heartbreaking Many people have the money to buy the puppies but having a pet is not about a place to keep them and food to feed themIt is a tremendous responsibility & not everyone is fit to be a pet ownerDog mama in 1 crib was so happy watching the little ones being fed. Really cute pups. So impressed with you taking good care of all of them. Hopefully you will keep all in your care. God bless.So stinking cute! The caretaker was so focused and patient with the puppies. Great job with keeping them on their schedule!Hope you have a lots of space so that your dogs can run around!.. Pretty cruel to keep them all so tightly together with no room to move there..Why are they all in one cage and not with the moms. Puppies dont raise aswell without mom as they aren’t tought. Also being crammed like that is cruel. Either you’re a horrible breeder or they’re going to be tortured and eaten

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