This is What a Golden Retriever does when his human Mom is Bored

Bailey’s love is so pure we cannot except this kind of love with any human he can’t see his mother bore He will do all fun activity to make feel good👍I love Bailey! 💜💜 I have a feline who is exactly like Bailey. He thinks he’s human and wants to participate in everything that goes on. He seems to know intuitively, even if he’s outside somewhere, when I’m sad or bored and he comes right away to interact with me. And I love that Bailey brought you his toy! Good Boy!!He’s so inherently gentle, even his barks are restrained, as if to say: “yes, I’m barking, want attention, but I’ll be low-key about it.” Adorable.Sweet heart❤Bailey looks like: “What’s up with her? Daddy, I think it’s time for us to motivate lazy mom.” Funny lovely dog Bailey and his squeaky hot dog. Fits👍😂Bailey wants all the attention today! He loves his squeaky toy. So does my Rottie Ruby loves her squeaky toy. Those pillows you have look so comfortable. I want to take a nap there. Have a Rainbow Day if nor today then Tomorrow! Love Bailey!Bailey is like “Get up you lazy bum. Here is my toy, come on …. now play with me”. By the way Bailey seems to be in need of a spa and grooming session.

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