Tiny Kitten Loves Golden Retriever Puppy

This little girl inherited from Bailey all the sweetness, love and care for other little creatures… how can we not get emotional seeing this kitten all at ease next to her, full of affection and love?!!! 💕⚘️🐶🐱🥰Another video that totally melts my heart👍🥰 Mia as a puppy together with her little fluffy friend, so incredibly cute. This is what true love between Goldie and kitten looks like 😻❤🐾Como se me antoja abrazar, acariciar, apapachar y jugar con Mía, se me hace la perrita más divina del mundo, yo sería muy feliz si durmiera junto a mi. La amo!!! ❤️Oh, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. The love you that you give AND the love that you get just warms my heart. ❤Drip, drip, drip ❣❣❣Never holds the scene more than a few seconds. Someone is putting the animals in position, still cute but phony

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