Tiny Kitten Wakes Up Golden Retriever Puppy

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Cuteness overload 👍😻Mia acts like Bailey, patient and adorable 🥰 Whether this little cute kitty is climbing on top of her or around her, she just keeps chilling ❤🐾No matter what mood I am in, what may be happening in my life, it’s videos like thisthat remind me the absolutely beautiful and unconditional love that exists in this world when human beings sometimes let us down.Warms my heart 💖 every time and immediately makes me feel joy.Thank you for posting!!!😍Just adorable. I love Mia either treating the kitten like a fly or grabbing on to the kitten like a teddy bear.I love cats and kittens and all animals. I could snuggle up with that little angel for hours and Mia too!!🦋🌹Hay una expresión que dice: ” están como perros y gatos”, cuando las personas pelean. En este caso esa expresión no aplica porque este cachorro de gato tiene una excelente relación de afinidad tal vez de hermandad con el cachorro de perro, que da tanto gusto y te deja un grato sentimiento de alegría!!!Ha ha ha…A “garotinha” Retriver está com preguiça e não está com vontade de acordar! E essa gatinha é apaixonada pelos cães, é a predileta do Bailey! 🤫😁😍💖OMGoodness, Just heard more tragic news on TV, was feeling down and just watching this made me laugh and feel better. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗

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