Tiny Kittens and Adorable German Shepherd

Rocky is such a kind hearted guardian for the kittens isn’t he, I’d assist him with it too to be kind and caring 😁Rocky demuestra que ha sido cuidado y criado por personas de gran corazón, por que se ve que el es un miembro más de la familia y como cuida a estos bebés es grandiosoRocky is so sweet! He sniffs at them and cleans one here and there and is making sure they’re all accounted for 🤣🥰 this is too precious!This looks almost like the Pixie and Brutus comic, only this pup isn’t scarred and there’s more than 1 kitten here. So cute! The orange and white one could pass as Pixie considering how small both are, but they’re all adorable. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🧡Rocky custodiando al pequeño rebaño. El Gran Capitán!. Adorable, te amo mucho Mr. Rocky. Y porque lo necesitas, tu raza lo requiere, no te olvides de entrenar, y correr, como todo German Shepherd debe hacerlo.When my husband still lived at home, he brought home 3 five day old kittens to foster. We were all nervous about how the late family dog, Abby, would react since she hated the outdoor cats in the neighborhood. To our total shock, she immediately went into mom mode (despite never having any babies of her own). She’d lay on the floor and clean them and if they cried she’d come running. My husband played a video of them meowing at a family gathering long after they were adopted and she came running into the dining room(a room she was not allowed in btw) at the sound and was looking around for them. I banned him from playing videos of them around her afterwards. Rest in Peace AbbyYou have so handsome german shepherd. My brother had also name Rocky german shepherd but he needed to put sleep @ 10 years of age.

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