What does a German Shepherd do when He sees Me Sleeping

He pokes you a little with his nose to see if you would like to wake up and give him some attention; he suspects that you are not really asleep. But then when you don’t get up, he decides to not bother you, and he lays down next to your feet- facing out, which is what dogs do, they watch the area near your feet- which you can’t see- and face away so that they can guard you. It’s instinctive in some breeds. He is watching over you. He is a good dog- I think he deserves a cookie.Dogs know when their human family are really asleep by the breathing pattern sound.. He was very patient walking around in circles a couple of times, that was his game too! LolThis is exactly how my mates German shepherd dog was like with me whenever I slept over at his place after a night out, she was very attentive like a mother would be. Obviously concerned, it shows they care 😉😉First he tries to see if ur really sleepin 💤. Then looks around for a snack the finally snuggles up for some love 💘 and comfort. Everything my fur babys do.😜Rocky is a sweetheart but a nervous. He’s over anxious but it’s so sweet… he’s just a worrier! Calm down Rocky everything will be fine…you are so loved.How sweet was this? This dog was making sure that this guy was OK before lying down beside him. So protective and concerned about the owner’s welfare. Exactly what you want as qualities of your loving canine. Terrific!Those dogs are a gorgeous breed but also they are very attached to your family. We had Moka, a german sherpherd back whrn I was a teenager and she was absolutely not harmful at all. She took a lot of place when she slept with one of us (she would switch beds as she pleased and lie down with us in turns) and just wouldn’t budge from there. She wasn’t aggressive at all though and we all grieved her when she passed away.

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