What does a German Shepherd do when i hug my wife

Seems Rocky checks if everything is okay between mum and dad. And when he’s sure nobody needs his protection, he can relax. Rocky is just a lovely good boy 🥰❤🐾Rocky is a very secure and confident boy. You guys can hug as long as you like. Absolutely fine with him and he knows it’s none of his business. He’s not falling for your pranks. LOL! He’s a very smart dog. 😹 Rocky is two years younger than Bailey but this German Shepard shows much maturity. He just wants you to get off the sofa.Rocky wants so badly to be in between the two of you but eventually decides to wait it out until you separate, then get double the hugs. Smart boy, Rocky!I love how dogs have different personallities. I also had a German Shep, but he was more like aloof. If you pet him for more than 15 seconds, he will let out a low growl. If you keep going, he will stand up and walk exactly 3 ft away and lie down, just out of reach. But he absolutely had to be in the same room as me, at all times, just not too into cuddling lol.Rocky looks calm and not jealous seeing mom and dad hugging but he will be jealous if Bailey or Teddy hugs him. The sound of his friend’s barking made Rocky less focused.So glad for you two that Mr. Rocky has learned he’s okay not to be in the middle of you! Now you just have to contend with Mr. Bailey & Mr. Teddy! Well being all!What a great dog. In 28 years, we have had 2 Shelties, one lived to 12 and one to 15. I miss them both. Rocky reminds of them. Sweet dog. Love every minute you have with him.

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