Woman Gives Shelter Cat Hug, And Tabby Refuses To Let Go


Reminds me of one of my first adoptions. I went to the shelter looking for a kitten and an adult. One of the adults I picked up hugged me just like this cat. He went home with me and I enjoyed his company for almost 15 years.My cat did exactly the same thing to me when I went to the shelter to adopt a cat. He was 4 months old. Hes now 12 years old and is my dude.💞So so heart warming…so so happy he now has people who can hug him as much as he wants them to. 😽😽😽Thank you so much for this wonderful, heartwarming and touching Video and Story. I am so happy for this beautiful cat that he found a lovely forever home. Wish this cat many happy years together with his family full with joy and love 🤗❤️🐈🍀👍😻💕🙏.I would have cried and figured out a way to take him home.He is adorable and he knew a good soul when he saw one !! Thank y’all for finding him the loving forever home he and every cat and dog deserves !!This is about a two year old video that has been posted elsewhere. I love how that big fella climbs on her and won’t let go. The other videos didn’t mention of the big kitty being adopted so that is great news. A big cuddlebug for sure.Beautiful Story. The Cat needs Loves and Attention. Lovely Young Lady to keep This Beautuful Cat.💖😊😁🐈🐱

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