Adorable baby Boy Talks To His Golden Retriever! Pure Love! (Cutest Ever!!)

Giggles – I bet Buddy thinks “my family loves me so much that they got me a little person of my own and he’s just my size” 🤭❤️🧡💛Nathan seem to be getting stronger on his pudgy little legs. He’s going to be walking before you know it. Emma’s going to have her hands full running after Nathan before to long. I absolutely love the relationship that Buddy and Nathan have. Love,hugs and kisses and best wishes to the Mathew’s family. Emma,Shane,Nathan and Amelia. Big hugs and kisses to Phil,Milo,Teddy and beautiful Niko. ❤💜🫂💋✌️🙏Nathan is doing so well at navigating. I wonder if Buddy licks his head so much out of love or the taste of his shampoo. The good thing is he doesn’t lead to “hazardous” items, but Nathan is fast and strong!😂❤Nathan seems to be into textures at the moment. Just because the black stripe looks different doesn’t mean it has to feel different. Wow! I didn’t know that before. I get the feeling that Buddy, for all his nuttiness is constantly making sure that Nathan is OK. And as others have said, Nathan will soon get enough balance to take steps without holding on.

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