Giant Husky Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time!! (Cutest Ever!!)

The instinctive reaction of (most) dogs to infants is astounding really. I remember bringing my then puppy to see my friends newborn baby (pup was 3 months, baby was 2 weeks) and the calmness and personal restraint of the otherwise cannonball of a puppy was just amazing. Congratulations on the baby & the cute pups :DI raised 4 children on a horse ranch. I can’t convey how good our dogs were with our children. They were protectors, playmates , and at times disciplinarians when it was needed, all children should have a dog. As long as you are always attentive and are watching it’s a beautiful friendship and teaches children to care for their pets. Beautiful baby, best of luck !It was so heart warming to see Teddy control himself around the baby and he just let out his joy and glee and just licked Shane’s face, got close to the baby again, and then turned and licked his face again. It’s as though Teddy knows the baby is small and he needed to be gentle! That’s so precious!!🙂❤I can see similarities between Mia and Teddy with their first introduction to baby brother! Both were almost shaking with excitement and so nervous but eager. There were times when they couldn’t stop themselves from reaching out but they still stayed so gentle 🥺♥who would have guessed that Teddy could be so calm… Such a good boy! And your baby!!! Soooo cute and tiny! congratulations! You make beautiful babies together!! Such a beautiful family. Can’t wait to see Phill reaction.Teddy is such an angel!! I remember watching videos of him with tiny Amelia and Buddy when he was small, and being so amazed at how gentle and aware he was of his size! How that puppy energy mellows down when theres smaller creatures near him is astounding ♥♥♥and is it just me or did he seemed just so happy to see the baby like his face was just like this 🥰face the whole time 🥺❤

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