When They Meet Their New Baby Brother For The First Time! (Cutest Ever!!)

Q bonito estos peluditos bellos hermosos y el bb ni se diga , y muchas gracias x la traducción en español muchas gracias saludos des Piedras Negras Coahuila MéxicoLove how Teddy squidges down to make himself smaller and less threatening, sniff from a good distance, slow, gentle, quiet, no barking, no jumping, no bouncing or running, just nice and flat and gentle sniffs. I get that you were nervous but you’ve seen how good he is with Amelia, so I’m not really surprisedThis was a fun trip down memory lane. It’s amazing watching your furbabies interact with your human babies, and I completely agree with your philosophy on socializing them with each other. The loving bond that they all have is proof of how well it’s worked for your family.Here’s to many more great years with everybody, and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.Teddy did so well on his first introduction with baby brother…. beautiful boy….these fur babies just melt my heart every time ❤️Oh how I remember how PhillyBear and NanaNiko were with Amelia when she was born. This video like the one when they met Amelia is truly beautiful. How the doggies behaved themselves showing great care for their baby brother. I look forward to seeing the progression of each bonding with Nathan just as they bonded with Amelia. So heartwarming…💜💙🧡💚💜Congratulations on your beautiful baby; your energy as new parents is astonishing! Looking back on old photos, my girls and my old Lab, Ben, were inseparable; best friends. All grown-up, they now have dogs of their own. Their introducing them to their own babies! Sending my love to your family xI often wonder, because a dogs sense of smell is so advanced, given how protective they were around you when pregnant, if they could pick up baby Nathans scent while still inside you, and knew exactly who he was from that scent when he arrived (same with Mia when she was a baby)

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