Adorable German Shepherd Confused by Tiny Kittens

Oh, how cute! This is one of many reasons why the GS has been my favorite breed for years. 💜💜💜I have been enchanted by Rocky for ages ….. I fell in love with him all over again today🤗🥰Rocky is such a sweet handsome boy, who watches over these kittens the way a shepherd watches over his flock.🐕 😸 😸 😸 😸 ❤❤❤❤❤Rocky likes the kittens.Considering that he can play with them, he seems to be happy.Rocky is soo good with all those adorable kittens!!! He’s soo curious on what they r going 2 do next. Everybody are all adorable furbabies.Awesome seeing how Rocky is going well with the tiny kitten’s 😻. All are so adorable too watch . It would be lovely seeing Teddy he is also adorable ❤Rocky must be wondering “What are these annoying alien creatures doing in my territory? Why do they clung on me and bite me? ❤Granted I’m biased, but German shepherds are the best. Its wonderful to watch an animal that has the potential for great harm be so gentle.ROCKY SAYS; WHAT MANNER OF MADNESS IS THIS??? 🤔 WHO AND WHAT ARE THESE LITTLE CREATURES… NOW POSSESSING AND INVADING MY HOME??? 🤔 THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE ME… THEY DON’T SMELL LIKE ME… WHY… 😳… THEY DON’T EVEN SOUND LIKE ME!!! 😬 MY WORD!!! 🙄 I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF THIS INSANITY!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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