Giant cat adopts new kitten as his own! (So Cute!!)

Hang in there Milo, won’t be long before you realize you have a lieutenant who also has blazing fast paws to help you smack around Naughty Teddy 🐈🐈Emma, you and Shane are GREAT parents to all your children! Never doubt that! Your intuition is spot on. The cats are going to be great friends! They’re soooooo beautiful !😊As the adoptive father of twin male cats, I have been anxiously waiting for video of Milo & Kodi together ever since I first saw Kodi.Milo has the most incredible coat, don’t think I’ve ever seen another like his. Glad to see that he is accepting Kodi, and now he has a friend more his size to play with, a good thing for sure. Thanks for sharing!Milo is a good boy! He was brought up right by his parents! I love, love, love introducing a new rescue to my clutch of furbabies. All my cats are really cool and watching them interact with each other is better than 90% of what’s on TV! Good on Ya’

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