Baby Kitten Meets Chick for the First Time!

It’s all cute until you come home one day and there’s the kitten, staring up at you, with a single yellow feather sticking out his mouth.As cute as this was, it reminds me of when a mouse or lizard will make it on to the catio and our cats will play for hours with their new friend, working up a good appetite. Then the friend becomes a tasty treat.Poor chick keeps getting bopped on the head and has no idea why! 😂Hope they continue getting to know each other and become great friendsthe kitten is real cute 💕the video starts really sweet but then he starts smacking the chick with his sharp little kitten claws, he’s just playing but the chicks feelings matter too…Update, although the kitten, who is now called Kitty, started off pretty aggressive, he’s gotten what he seemed to want more than anything, to be close to Simon, and is growing up to be a loveable patient bigger kitten…i love him very much!! 😍

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