A Baby Kitten Wants to Help Humans When They Work

Haru is a wonderful ingenious kitten and he wants to help his Dad to clean his litter box. How cute he is 🤗🍀👼💙🐈❤️Thank you so much for sharing this amazing video, and thank you so much for caring, nurturing , loving and protecting you baby cat Haru, he is so beautiful, so cute and gorgeous majestic and adorable. you are the best Coni/Honi and all NiniFamHaru! You’re such a joy to watch. You are so cute and entertaining and you get so much love and attention from Ninifam Family♥️♥️♥️Literally everything Haru does is adorable. All he has to do is just sit and breathe and I’ll melt because of his cuteness. What an absolutely precious, precoscious darling. 100% perfection. He can do no wrong. I had a cat as perfect as Haru. I know how blessed you and your sister are, to be in the presence of such adorableness ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹Haru is sooo gorgeous and cute I want to hug him so much and be with him there…I was watching this video and he made me smile and laugh…. I love you Haru baby cat, sending you all the love in the world 😍😍❤❤❤My cat arrived when she was pregnant but we got to help raise her five kittens. Lots of fun, but after two months it was chaos!! They were properly adopted into their own homes. Momma cat was so tired and skinny after the last one left, still feeding him at 4 months old. She’s much better now.Is it just me or is my kitten very territorial about his pee and poop? It seems to get very upset (and sometimes aggressive) when i clean his litter. Does anyone know?So i don’t clean it in front of him anymore. But he’s smart: he goes into his room and sniffs around and when he realises his litter has been cleared, he keeps scolding.

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