Moment a Stray Kitten Realizes That He Going To His Forever Home

I had a similar experience many years ago, I picked up a starving kitten in a parking lot, she sat quietly on my lap on the drive home purring, she knew I was helping her. She lived to age 20 and was the nicest cat I’ve ever had.Oh, man, this sweet kitty got to me! What a darling baby! I love how he looks at his Daddy with such love. Long life together, you guys! Stay happy and healthy. 😺Reminds me of my cat named Mouse. A lady knocked on our door saying she found a kitten wandering the side of the road by our house. We said she wasn’t ours but that we’d be happy to take her in. She lived a good 15 year life before kidney failure took her from us. It’s been almost three years but I still think about her every single day. I still wonder what her origin story was and what her journey was like as she made her way to us.Until you own a cat from kitten to adult, you will never understand what it’s like to have a cat. They are by far the best pets I’ve ever owned. I’m 52 and have 4 cats now, and I didn’t even like cats up until 2 years ago, amazing how they can change your life and make your bad days good, sweet animals.The best cats I’ve had have started their lives as feral. But the best was a feral long-haired kitten I found in the woods! We were together 15 unforgettable years! When I cross over into the great beyond, I hope he is there waiting!!The smile on the kittens face is just heart warming! God bless you for taking the cutie in! We need more awareness when it comes to stray’s, they need food and warmth as well. Please keep the awareness going! And love that little fur-baby !!

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