Puppy tries to be friends with a Kitten

Puppies are really cute in general, but this puppy is something else ☺ the way he puts his nose down and looks up is just adorable 🥰Puppy is usually so spazzed when he plays. But he’s totally mellow, gentle, and kind with his kitten friend here. Good to see!Es un cachorrito adorable y muy tierno, solo quiere jugar, pero el gato no está por la labor, así que se arrima a él y se queda muy agusto. I like how the cat is indeed a little annoyed, but still doesn’t act aggressively or even just leave the room. They’re just “Oh, well, that’s life, I guess”Man this cat was way more patient than the one I used to live with. That one just never gave my dog a chance. She’d always scratch my dog for getting too close. And my dog would have gladly been friendly to her if only she had a chance.The kitty is at least giving friendship a try. The cat at least feels comfortable to stay close to the puppy. So much so that it’s willing to sleep next to the puppy. I think they will be close friends as the grow older together.My dog relentlessly tried to make friends with my cat, and my cat went from being scared to just letting the dog lick him… Until he gets tired lol.. puppies are irresistible!I remember when I first introduced my Great Pyrenees to my cat. He was 8 weeks old and already larger than her. It did not go nearly as smoothly as this adorable encounter.

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