Biker saves a kitten stranded in the middle of the highway

We are couple that helps and feeds stray cats daily. Subscribe to our channel for more cat videos ❤Sadly, someone probably quite literally threw him out from a car. He was lucky to be found. I’m glad both men were so caring that they stopped for this little kitty. I hope it was adopted into a good home.The fact that not one, but 2 people stopped to help this kitten is amazing. <3The people in the video actually speak French, and so do I (I’m a French Canadian). If you’d like, I can provide an English translation of the dialog :)the fact that the person who saved the kitten said they were allergic to cats yet still went and took it in their arms makes this even betterIch hätte ganz genau so gehandelt . Das arme kleine Kätzchen retten und versorgen. Es schaut so lieb…. da bricht mir fast das Herz.Aber – zum Glück hat der Motorradfahrer perfekt reagiert, und das arme kleine Kätzchen gerettet. 🤘🏼😍So they speak french, both of the guys are really worried for the cat. The biker says he can’t take it with him because he’s allergic, so the senior man takes the cat. These men look so genuinely worried it’s so wholesome.

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