Giant Husky Reacts To New Kitten For The First Time! (Cutest Ever!!)

Naughty Teddy has surprised me with how gentle he’s been with Amelia, Nathan and now Kodi. He saves all his naughtiness for Milo 🤣🐕🐈So sweet watching the giant fluffy wolf genuinely trying to look as friendly and non-threatening as possible. Keep at it, Teddy, he’ll warm up to you!Oh Teddy he’s trying to be friends with Kodi but he’s just a bit overwhelming he just loves everyone and wants to be their friend so cute Awe poor Teddy, he looks so 😥 sad when the kitty hissed at him. Kodi Teddy wouldn’t hurt you, he wants to be your friend, and play. I feel so bad for Teddy. He’s such a sweet, gentle, loving, fluffy pup.

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