Rescue Poor Baby Cats Abandoned By Inhuman | Adopted Three Kittens Very Pitifully

I see this video is 2 years old, so hopefully everything turned out all right for these kittens. These kittens need to be bottle fed with a special kitten milk replacement formula like KMR, etc. They are too little to eat on their own. They look to be about 3 weeks old. Thank goodness you rescued them. Would love to see a follow up video on what happened with these kittens.God bless you who have done this thing for kittens May you live longer and always help to needed.impressive work.❤️Oh my god, I almost cried my heart off, If I saw this box with kittens in it, I would litterly take care of them❤My son watched this video at night and it had him in tears. He loves his kittens. Nighttime is the hardest time to watch these kind of videos 😔I once lost 1 Dog by a car accident I was so young I didn’t even got to see the dog I think my parents tried their best but they couldn’t.. The dog is already at heaven… oh my god I’m already crying but this vid.. is so helpful I’m glad all puppies are safe 😭😭😭I love videos like this because you’re just helping animals that are in need of things like if they’re not probably take care of and people just throw out cats small bigOmg thats so sad that their mom is dead I wanna hug them so much as possible because they are so frickin cute! 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤💕

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