Special needs cat was rejected by his own mom. But this woman took him home.

Update on Otter from Caroline: His surgery went smoothly and he is recovering well so far! He still has a long read to recovery but he’s eating, playing, snuggling, and purring like nothing ever happened!Shout out to the helmet maker!! That was so touching. Thank you kind, gentle people for making this place more beautiful.To the people who think it’s sad…you have to keep in mind that they were born this way. They’re not sad about having their abnormalities, because that’s just how they’ve always been.If you or I lost a leg, we’d be devastated to not have it anymore, but they never had them to begin with. They genuinely don’t know that they’re different or physically abnormal. They just know they’re loved and happy.Thank you so much for everything you do for these amazing animals.These two are the sweetest, most beautiful and loving kittens I have ever seen! 😻❤️Thank you beyond words for taking such incredible love and care of these tiny purrfect miracles!I wish we could have had them! 😍But I know whoever they went to will give them both the very best life and be the Fur Parents they deserve! 🥰It is SO good to hear that little Baby Otter went through his surgery well, please keep us updated! 😻❤️

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