Golden Retriever Protects His Human Mom from Crocodile!

Bailey is so funny. Looks at his tail. I want to have dog like you Bailey. He knows it’s his dad, because he smell it.How blessed we are to have animal friends! Especially the ones that like to make us laugh…He knew his dad but played along, “in” on the joke, what a joy even a couple minutes with our babies can give :Dbailey is just ever loving, ever caring child…he always protects his parents from every odd of the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ he is a child who always makes happy his parents and all siblings with his loving and funny activities…he is such a soft hearted child to love everyone he meets…god bless you always my love…😘😘😘😘😘😘Bailey’s dad is very clever and very naughty! Bailey is the hero! You can see his benevolent and protective nature while shielding his family member from “the beast”! I am glad that he caught the monster at the end! What would happen if The Beast were found sleeping in Bailey’s bed?😂Brought me to tears, reminding me of my golden, Angel. She passed on in 2007. My family, friends and I would play game like this with her. When we took the mask off, she would gripe us out, kinda barking, howling, kinda speaking English. Her own language, I guess.It was also fun to have my friend over and tag team wrestle with her. She’d pin both of us every time. I stopped letting her win, she’d still win.Enjoy your golden, they don’t live long enough, unfortunately.I can’t believe that he was so consistent with saving his mum!❤❤❤ I guess golden retrievers really can do anything! 😊Bailey is a protective sweet Golden! He protected his Mom from that ” crocodile”. When Dad took off the face, Bailey seemed to take great joy in chewing on it! Ha haOne of the reasons people love dogs is because they understand play while also understanding threat. I used to pretend attacking my son and our dog would run around and theatrically pretend to protect him but if a grumpy man intimidated or frightened him he was perfectly willing to rip his arm off.If I am ever left with two big babies, one golden retriever and a labrador, I would try my very best to cuddle them as much as I can. For they are so adorable and love seeking. Not that other dogs are not, but these are on a different level💕💕💕💕 🐾😍🐾💕💕 Bailey you are the Best protector Ever 💕 oxox what a good ol Boy… I can’t say enough about you! You give me a warm feeling knowing your Hoomans are safe with you. 🐾💕Bailey is a smarr guy. He knows u r goofing around. The tail says it all❤❤❤Hez so adorable

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