Paralyzed Cat Races In His Wheelchair As If He’s Trying Out For Formula 1 | The Dodo

When the legs don’t work anymore, the heart takes over. He’s a true warrior, and his owner is fantastic.God bless them. 🐾💗😺Being paralyzed is not easy for a human or even for an animal, but a tough and real lesson for all of us, NEVER GIVE UP, God bless the cat and the loving ownerThis cat is amazing! He doesn’t let his disability stop him from having fun and living his best life. He is an inspiration to all of us who face challenges and obstacles in our lives. He shows us that nothing is impossible if we have the courage and the will to overcome them. He is a true champion and a Formula 1 racer in his own right. Go, kitty, go! 🏎🐱👏So cute! My Mom had a 3 legged cat that still did the zoomies. Thank you to all of the rescuers of the world who make these animals worlds a better place. 💕That cat is amazing for his resilence, however the owner is even more! Not for just giving this guy a chance but always being there to help guide and encourage him. She is a true HERO!

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