Kittens Worry a Lot If their Owners Don’t Move

I love your comment: ” Cats are territorial animals. I think Bami and Dami’s territory is around me.” (Laughing). A quotable quote. You are a very good Father. ♥♥Awwww, they’re both learning how to jump! Though Dami is usually the talkative kitten, today was Bami’s turn; today, Bami had a lot to say… 😸😸Bami and Dami are such beautiful kittens , when will you introduce them too Haru , Soni and Yuni . That will be an epic video ❤️🤣They are so adorable ❤and the cutest little kitty cats I have seen. Bless your little babies and your family. I enjoy e ery minute of all your video’s. ❤

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