Stray Kitten Wouldn’t Stop Crying Until a Kind-Hearted Family Saved Her

Alyssa Weber and Josh Stott were making the most of their quiet morning at Josh’s folks’ farm, but something was coming up that was going to be the biggest rescue mission they had ever witnessed. Alyssa heard an odd bird-like sound in a high-pitched tone that ran around the farm.Even the hardest, toughest, roughest cat lover, will do anything to rescue that crying kitty 🐈. We will do anything for that cat. Heaven help the person that bothers it or hurts it after we rescued it.awww so awesome Alyssa was persistant and that Josh’s family was so supportive. Warms my heart to hear such stories ♥I’m so bad! I wouldn’t have asked, just gone in and found the kitten with the old man being none the wiser. When it’s the life of an animal, all bets are off where I’m concerned.Some people deserve the fire 🔥 where they’ll end up for their deliberate cruelty. Others who embrace love for fellow humans and our beautiful creatures are blessed and will be further thereafter life span on earth. We reap what we sow. Thank you so much for your kindness to this defenseless little kitty who wouldn’t have made it w/out yous! 💝 😊

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