Adorable Golden Retriever Reaction to 5 Puppies!

Awww Bailey, he’s like “if I don’t give them eye contact, they’ll go away”….”oh I give up , it’s not working”😊Puppies: “Mama!!!”🐕💞💞🇦🇺I always thought Bailey is the master of tail- wagging, but i failed! This cute little puppies are the masters! So adorable 🤗❤A vezes me preocupa que le dan mucha ansiedad a Bailey tener que ver tantos diferentes animales. Por favor dale mucho amor a BaileyPauvre Bailey ,lui qui aime être seul avec son papa et sa maman ,on le sent inquiet et pas très content de cette invasion .Quel amour ce Bailey !★I had a bit sad feeling when your adorable Golden Retriever showed embarrassment with those five little puppies’ action . At any rate, thank you for the heart-warming video! I hope they get along with OK.Parabéns pelo grande amor…exemplo para os humanos que abandonam, essa mamãe eh linda linda abençoada por vcsI just love all your channels! Glad I just discovered The Fluffiest because it answered my question of a) where the adorbs puppies came from and b) where Simon has been!Bailey is very gentle toward the puppies, but he still seems uncomfortable. When he is with kittens or rabbits, he seems more comfortable. Maybe he doesn’t realize he is a dog!

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