Dad cat beats up kitten and gets a kiss from mom at the end. Part 1.

For everyone saying the dad cat was too rough, either a. you were blessed with a sweet, tender, cat so you have no idea how difficult undisciplined cats can be (to which I envy you). Or b. you have an undisciplined cat that you just let do whatever it wants (which some people I guess like). This rough type of discipline is so important to implement early in a kittens life so they learn who to respect, what is acceptable, and the overall essential basics of social behavior. Without discipline like this, you will have a little demon on your hands when it gets older that will take so many painstaking hours to train (not an expert, if you know you know).Dad isn’t beating up the kid, just tutoring the kid in wrestling techniques. My adult cats usually wait until their foster children are a bit bigger, but sometimes the kid is insistent as here. The adult always exerts just enough force to teach the kitten who is the boss and how much they have to learn.

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