Cats mating with hugs and kisses, like humans.

They’re not just mating they are in love, I love how she’s hugging him and he is very loving,. What a beautiful pairI love how even when she nips at him she licks him after, like showing she knows it’s not his fault it’s kinda painful. Like other comments said, it’s not forced, they’re genuinely making love. This is so sweet 🥺😭What a good husband this cat is . He is so very caring and loving to her and he is getting her off! 80% of husbands should learn from Mr Kitty 😍😍😍🐱So cute shes hugging him too, usually he mounts her and bites her scarf he nuts she gets mad and kicks him off. He was being gentle and mating can be painful for female cats due to the barbs he was doing his best to give her a pleasurable experience and she sees it.This seemed like it shouldn’t have been filmed, its so intimate and private but I liked how she kissed him and he stopped so it wouldn’t be too much for her. Such a passionate couple!

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