German Shepherd Reaction to Dad with Kitten in Dog Bed

Rocky is a great baby sitter he’s also a gorgeous dog love the breed great with kids anyone love u Rocky ur a big boy now but ur still sweet too me ❤❤❤❤Hi Rocky! I’m happy to see you. Can we see Teddy 🧸 and Bailey soon? ♥️💙🦴🐾🐶😊Rocky is currently in the process of determining whether that’s a new friend or a mobile snack.The nerve of you dad…on my bed and with a cat instead of me?! That’s why Rocky was trying to push the kittie away, lol.Cc Rocky nounou Nanny 😂 ❤ ❤ un petit peu jaloux 😂 c est trop mignon 😍 il est adorable et le petit chat 🐱That is so sad for Rocky, that was his bed, and for that it should’ve been him, and his Dad time, anyway good video, I really want to see a new Tedd video please.

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