German Shepherd Wakes Up Tiny Kittens

Rocky is simply amazingly gentle; those kittens have the sweetest disposition that I’ve observed in a long while. 🐾🐾🐾Rocky is like a shepherd watching his flock to make sure they’re okay, and the kittens are so sweet!I love everything about this vid: the simple music, the kittens’ lovely bed, and —of course— those adorable tiny felines. And Rocky most of all! ❤❤❤❤❤Rocky is completely smitten! Those concerned eyes filled with emotion. The plans being made. So exciting for you Rocky! All their facial expressions are just so amazingly tender.. These sweet lil moments are important for us to see.. TO REMEMBER the beautiful creations God gave us to accompany us. Treat them right and love them as family.❤Rocky is the biggest but cutest baby sitter he seems too take too the babies well the head tilts the facial expressions are hilarious ❤Rocky -you are just Precious sweetheart!😁And such a great big brother looking after the little ones!💋💋Those darling fuzz balls,OH so adorable!! Little Faces, little eyes looking back…OH!!♥️💋The dogs that I’ve been honored to share this life with, have proven to be better Parents+Guardians than many People i have known.🤔hmmmHe’s just like “oooh tiny babies!!! So cute” and those little kittens are just the cutest as their just like “oh big giant wants to say hello!”Who else can see that these guys are going to be best buddies and the kittens will have a big brother protecting them while lets face it kittens are kittens soon he will be playing with his little ninja kittens haha …but its beautiful to see. This is adorable, but how often do these scenarios go terribly wrong and we don’t see it? Plz remember cats and kittens are living creatures, not just internet moneymakers.

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