The Puppy is Jealous when I hug another German Shepherd

Rocky looks so happy! Jessica looks so frustrated! Both so lovable!❤And Bailey’s barking in the background- he wants hugs too! 😂This made me smile and laugh so much! 🤣 You can tell you’re dogs are loved so much and shown so much affection that they don’t want to share it.. I love it! Jess is anxiously digging to try and curb his anxiety and frustration, it’s too cute and funny! 💕🤗🐕Jessie is huge! It’s so great to see recent video after you took a couple of months off. It’s especially great to see sunny southern Spain as most of the northern hemisphere heads into a cold winter! More outdoor videos por favor!I love reading the comments. You usually seem to get more Portuguese than Spanish, and an amazing amount of Polish!I have a 7 month old GSD male puppy and a 14 month old female GSD, watching this video was like watching my dogs at home, lolI love all your dogs, but Rocky is special. He is putting up with a lot from Jessica. He loves her but he needs daddy time alone sometimes.I was watching gymnastics until my notifications told me there’s a Rocky video! My depression medication before bed! They made me laugh so loud! Thank you!🤣🤣🤣That’s Jessica??!! She grew up that big?! So the videos we were watching a few days ago were shot a long time ago when she was just a wee puppy. She’s also acting like Bailey.Todavía tengo inquietud porque Rocky a veces chasquea groseramente cuando se pone celoso, y podrá morder gravemente. Por favor disciplínenlo cuando se porta mal. Quizás Bailey también estuvo celoso, y por eso ladraba.

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