Angry Cats VS Dogs Funny Compilation 2017 !!!

Everyone is so worried about the damn dogs no one mentions the poor kid getting attacked by a dog.. the cat that saved him was a bossThe cat who saved the little kid at 2:24 was a hero. I loved how the cat looked back at the kid to see that he/she was alright and chased the dog away. ❤The lady who were “protecting” his dog from cat was actually choking the dog. Then in order to save herself she threw the dog and ran away. That’s animal cruelty.Growing up in a country where cats are generally scared of dogs, it was pretty surprising to see dogs being generally afraid of cats in other countries.That last video was straight up savage. You could tell that those dogs were hunting that cat in the tree. First they knock the tree down by tearing at its base until it fell over then they both tried to rip the cat appart. And that dickhead is just standing there laughing at it the whole time.I love cats no matter how mean they seem like. I love how I rarely see news they’re attacking humans, like cause them death. But I cannot deny the fact that dogs are special for being friendly with their owners and guarding each house.The cat saving the kid was amazing. Can’t help but notice that almost all of the dogs were “city” dogs. Most dogs I grew up with of any size would have turned most of these incidents into something very unpleasant if the cat was crazy enough not to run.Whether they’re being protective in defense, or in offensive attack mode, cats are the black belt martial arts practitioners of the pet world. Dogs are just clumsy brute force machines compared to the well executed and fast moves of a feline. I love them in part for that. They’re made of felinium.

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