Golden Retriever picked up a kitten by roadside­čîł The dog carries cat every day

In 1995, my mother-in-law brought home a small kitten that had been dumped in a grocery store parking lot. She came out of the store to find him sitting on the hood of her car, crying his heart out. She and my father-in-law bathed and fed kitty, named him SEC, (Somebody Else’s Cat,) and introduced him to their very large Golden Retriever, Sarah. They bonded instantly, and were inseparable pals until Sarah passed away five years later. SEC missed her greatly, but the two Goldie pups who came to live with him, several months later, loved him too much and he got no peace. They would push him in the pool and then try to retrieve him. SEC came to live with my husband and me. He always behaved more like a dog than a cat, and preferred the company of dogs to other cats. Golden Retrievers are wonderful friends and caretakers to babies of all species.Nunca vi um v├şdeo t├úo lindo e engra├žado ao mesmo tempo, ele dando banho no gatinho na banheira e trazendo um rato pro gatinho kkkk amei amei amei lindo ver ele cuidando de seu filho adotivo…I had a male jack russell and a male cat that did similar things. Both loved all things baby and kids. A lot of parents at my sisters school would let their babies sit with him and play because he was so gentle. The cat was the same. Hated adults but gave him a kid and he was all over them. They loved being big brothers to my daughter from day dot. Always with her. The dog got 18 months with her and the cat got 4 years.We had a retriever and down the road was a campground. She’d go down there and bring back things from campers. Once she brought back a full jar of mayonnaise, package of hot dogs, shoes, pillows, hair dryers, pots and pans, all kinds of things from he campers. We’d take the items back and try to find the owners.

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