Reacued Abandoned Baby Kittens Thanks To Our Shelter Dogs

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I will never understand how a monster could do this to innocent little souls!💔Thank you for being you! God bless you, yours and your mission!❤Thank you so much for saving these little furballs!! I am so glad someone like you exist in this cruel world. Take good care of them and give them a future home soon. <3Me enternecio el corazón ese gatito, hermoso gatito lloraba tal vez por que quería a su lado a su mama gata o por hambre, gracias a Dios que lo rescataste, te envío saludos desde Torreón, Coahuila, México.Bless you over and over for this wonderful rescue, God’s blessings will be upon you for your tender and loving care of such beautiful little kitties, thank you so much!! Adrian in Bermuda 💕💕💕💕💕💕Infelizmente isso é uma crueldade que acontece também no meu país. 😢 mas também tem pessoas boas.. como esse rapaz que levou os bichinhos 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 pra um láThank you to the people who helped the poor kittens. May God bless all human beings with compassion, kindness and support to animals in distress. difficulty. And starvation and danger. be happy Success and progress in life and work forever…May the merit satisfy you to find happiness. Both this life and the next world.a human angel repaired what another human had done, such as damage .. by abandoning these kittens. It’s interesting to note the differences in character between the 3 kittens, apart from the obviously precarious state of health. The first found makes a great deal of meowing, the others less so. :thanksdoc:🤩👏👍such adorable kittens ! who would have the hear to abandon them like that ??!! must be some really heartless idiot. Thank you for giving them shelter and looking after them at that young age. you are their guardian angel.The kittens’ mom might’ve been killed by unexpected roadkill, so she couldn’t have shown up at her babies and their meowing sounds. Dogs’ smelling abilities rescued the little kitten, so they would be good friends with each other. ☺

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