Sleeping in My Dogs’ Bed | Funny Dog Reaction

This was so adorable to watch as the pups tried to reclaim their bed! Love it when the Golden called for help! Love the captions too! Thanks again so much for sharing this with us! It really cheered me up!So adorable 🥰. I love how Tiger sounded like it was something bad while Leo just wanted to relax with his mom. Tiger has grown so much and he’s so fluffy and cuteTiger was the sneakiest, laying down on the bed with his paws up and screaming for help, and Leo ran to get help. 😅😘I would have done the same thing. 🥰We used to do this to our dachshund when I was a kid. The dog walked around a bit and then jumped up on the couch, curled up and went to sleep. It’s sort of like saying “ok, two can play that game…I’ll just take your spot human”. Besides, I think she preferred the couch anyway.Madam, I would like to thank you for the burst of laughter that your video caused in me. Your subtitles are also great. Your darlings are great actors. Thank you again!Que hermosos perros…es increíble cómo reclaman su cama…me encanta ese perro pastor alemán…está lleno de energía…veo que la señorita se divierte mucho. ..gracias por compartir éste video…saludos desde Chile…😃😊🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱so cute and a great example how dogs are such a huge upgrade in your life. they always make you laugh and you will never feel alone again. dogs are amazing❤I did this once with my Welsh terrier. He was like hey you wanna get out? I didn’t react.That prompted him to think well, you can stay there if you want I’ll just go on the sofa.He pushed the blanket that was on it in a corner, rollled up in a ball and promptly went to sleep. He couldn’t care less lol, he has more spots he likes to sleep in:PLol! Thats so funny! Your older dogs is like, I will just lay next to you until you come to your senses! 🤣😂😂😅😘😆🦋you are so blessed to have such devotion from them both

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