Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Wakes Me Up!

Teddy is the perfect name for this big teddybear: he’s the cutest, sweetest, gentlest, prettiest dog I’ve ever seen… same goes for Bailey & Rocky haha. Seriously: Teddy is sooo cute! xTeddy is a sweetheart..he might be big physically, , but mentally he is a small puppy.. So cute so innocent. Lots of love to Teddy💖He is so cute. He’s saying to mama! Daddy is sleeping! He waits so patiently fir him to wake up. He’s adorable. I watch this every chance I get. Thanks guys and to 🧸🐻🧸Love Teddy’s head tilts when you were snoring. He’s so funny and precious. When are you going to post new vids of him. Is he ok? We haven’t seen him in awhileAhhh sweet memories… Our Timmy was the same while he was a puppy and still wakes us up to get his tucker. And yes he is now 10 1/2 years old and still is a little hand full. The best dogs, they never ever let you down. :)Gracioso es ésta criatura,llama a su amo para que se levanté ,lo mira de lado y lo huele para ver qué le sucede , Lealtad y amor ofrecen muchas criaturas sin importar la especie.👍He’s a big boy for a puppy 💕 but how could you resist that long? I would just hug him and then we could go on snoozing together. What a sweet pooch ♥️💕😍That couch stands or rather sits as witness to a lot of fun, bonding, biting, wrestling, pouncing, growing up & most importantly, love shared among all your babies.

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