The Best Year Of Our Lives! Baby And Puppy Growing Up Together! (Cutest Ever!!

Watch this amazing journey of them growing up together in their first year! They are inseparable! We got Teddy when Amelia was 10 months old, he bonded with her as soon as he saw her, the love is unreal. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook tooI love how gentle Teddy is, he slows down around Mia, when they’re playing tug of war, he’s not pulling back, just holding the toy so it doesn’t hurt her arms, He walks calmly around her, when she’s napping he sits quietly etcMy oldest daughter is also named Amelia and she grew up with Spanky, a boxer/pit bull mix. Spanky never left her side from the day we brought Amelia home. My daughter will be turning 30 in July and Spanky has been gone along time, but the memories accompanied by tons of photos and videos are priceless and treasured. Watching your videos has flooded my heart with so many joyful memories, thank youTeddy is especially cute dog. And he grows up and still seemed to maintain that puppy fluff. How adorbs. Also now I know who Mia looks after—her dad. Great family guys! Take care.The greatest gift you’ve given your child is to raise them with animals. Animals teach kids love, care, loyalty and so much more. It’s so lovely to see these huge dogs guard and care for your baby. How amazing dogs are if you raise them with love.Jakim wspaniałym facetem jesteś, synu! Mój ulubiony kanał, stale oglądam, podziwiam przyrodę, wyciszam się i podziwiam Was, dzieci, synu. Wszyscy żyliby spokojnie i spokojnie, żeby się radowali. Bogatsi ludzie zaczęli chodzić do góry nogami, żeby pomyśleć. Wynaleziono kilka innych szczepionek. Jesteś super Żyj i raduj się, Boże broń Bóg chronił twoją rodzinę miłością

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