Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time Throws Tantrum And Does Everything To Avoid It!! (CUTEST DOG EVER)

He’s so smart and self aware. He knows all the tricks and he knows that he’s big enough that no one can make him do ANYTHING!!!I’m dying! The staring at the wall tiles, the offering of a paw to ask for help, the whining when being forced into the tub, just all of the drama over a bath! He’s awesome!!Lmao, I love this dog. Even with people physically forcing him into the tub, he never lashes out and bites anybody. He just escapes when he can and is sweet with them whenever they try to console him. He makes it clear that he loves them — he just hates the bath. The gentle-est giant.Poor Phil 😂 I hope this helps- I put shorts on and sit on the side of the tub with my legs in the water when it’s bath time for my two dogs. They are much more relaxed knowing I’m in the water with them. Before I started doing that I had a terrible time trying to bathe them. They don’t like the bath but they don’t fight me anymore. Try it folks!Poor Phil ! I absolutely love how he is hiding, and pretending to be a statue. He’s so adorable and precious ❤️.I am so sorry for the both of you every time that Phil needs a bath it takes forever to get him into the bath.. Phil’s reaction is so darn adorable, cute and precious ❤️❤️❤️.I Love Phil so much ❤️

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