Dog Brought An Abandoned Kitten To a Man And Insisted It Be Adopted

Aaaawww what a lovely video. 💞 Thank you to adopt this sweet baby girl. Tang is her great brother and I hope they can stay many years together. 😘I love inter species adoption! So nice how animals can have empathy which surpasses at times even human empathy.Hope all three are happy. Animals never cease to amaze me. And now Tang and Cream have a pet of their own – Kitty 💖💖💖Thanks To Tong This Beautiful Gorgeous kitten Now Has A Loveing Forever Home What A clever Boy Tong was very very well Done sweetheart You Are so very very cute An Adorable An Handsome An Adorable Thankyou For saving This Baby kittens Life xxxxxxxx 🐾🐾😍😍 💙💙😀😀I have Pittes, and they have always loved their kitties, cuddling with them and becoming care givers to them if the kitty is ill. Lately my pittie Tank was sick. The kitties surrounded him, checking on him and cuddling against him. They truely love each other. 🐕 💞 🐈 🐈‍⬛️The least surprising detail in this clip? The golden retriever was caring and loving to another animal. 🤣 That’s the ultimate Thank You Captain Obvious statement if I’ve ever seen one.

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