His owner left him in a cardboardbox, but he is the happiest dog now!

If you have to give up an animal, at least bring it to an animal shelter and don’t abandon it somewhere outside, and if you buy an animal, then not from the breeder but from an animal shelter. There are so many little souls sitting there waiting for a nice home. Adopt, don’t shop ! 🐾💚Some people can be so cruel and heartless, just dumping a 3mth old puppy by the side of the road. The only positive thing was that he dumped puppy outside of your shelter. I’m so happy that Meda now has a loving home in Germany with his new Paw-rentsIf the puppy’s first owner couldn’t/didn’t want to keep him, I’m glad they at least brought him to you (albeit the wrong way – should have had the courage to give you the puppy face to face!) rather than doing something…worse, but I’m thrilled he has such a great forever home! Thank you for giving him that chance!!What’s a heartwarming rescue. Thank you Dog Rescue Shelter Madenovac, you are real angels on earth. Thank to the people in Germany for adopting this fur baby.Majušno srce je snažno lupalo od straha cele noći, ali on je strpljivo čekao jutro.Osećala je mila duša da mu novo jutro daruje plemenito srce prepuno ljubavi za njega. 🐾🍀Divno je što Vas imamo Milane. Hvala❣️Hola Milán, este adorable pequeño ha encontrado la felicidad justamente habiendo sido abandonado. Habiéndolo dejado sólito pronto encontró el amor. La fuerza del cariño. El Amor. Gracias. Besos Milán, besitos para el pequeño inocente.

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