Tiny Puppy Thinks She is the “Baby Kitten” of a Mom Cat

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Dora was just a cool and relaxed mom😻 No matter what was going on around her😄All her babies including Mia enjoyed cuddling together with their loving cat mommy 🥰 Sweet big family👍❤🐾Beautiful seen! Superb friendships! Cute puppy, Mother cat & Kittens! Thank you for the pleasant relaxing video 🙂 We like to see great Bailey too! :)Ohhh que bonitoooosss todos, me encantan, adorables y Mía, como les quiere y Dora a ella, igualmente y los gatitosss . Que amor desprenden todos 🐶❤❤❤❤🐱❤❤❤My lord! Just when you are having a horrible day and then you watch these beautiful creatures, so freaking cute, deff put a smile on my face. I want them all! If you ever need a babysitter for all of them call your boy! 🤣 I can’t promise you would get them back! I would spoil ever single one of those angels! We have and hear all the bad stuff going on in this world , then you see something like this and realize that life us so precious and there is hope and light at the other end .❤Tiny puppy? This is a HUGE puppy! 😂 She will be a big dog! My grandpuppy was 2 pounds at 8 weeks old. She is a tiny puppy who will be about 7 pounds at adulthood. Very cute giant puppy with the kittens and mama cat. They will be fast friends when puppy grows to adulthood! 🥰so sweet and beautiful. I hope y’all have a great year and a blessed year and stay safe family and friends and the puppy and the kitties and the mommy cat

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