Adorable Baby Boy Talks To His Dog! (Cutest Ever!!)

Niko being a good fluffy mum to Nathan.My goodness Nathan is growing so fast. His talking to Niko is so sweet.Clearly Nathan loves his beautiful Nana Niko—he’s blowing bubbles for her! She’s simply the best with both children.❤🥰Nathan is just too cute. Niko is being such a good mother’s helper. I love the relationship that Nathan has with all his furry siblings. I just can’t get enough of Nathan and Amelia. They are such happy children. Love and well wishes to all of you. ❤Niko isn’t at all annoyed at Nathan. She understands how little he is and happily lets him explore her paw paws. I love how Amelia is the best big sister!Aww,that’s so sweet that Niko let Nathan touch her paw. And she’s so serious when all Nathan wants to do is talk to her. But like you said, she’s on duty and takes it very seriously. I noticed Niko kept a close eye on Amelia as she was getting close to Nathan.Loved this video. Nathan is looking so good and healthy! Mia is just beautiful. Good job Mom and Dad! I lost my kitty Jake today and am so devastated. He became very sick. In my sadness I even smiled at this video. Thank you for helping my heart heal. ❤️❤️Oh Nathan is great and growing so quickly. He loves those dogs and vice versa. Nico is so focused on him to make sure he is safe. She is so maternal. I can’t remember if you had got her neutered or if you were going to allow her to have pups. So nice to see children and dogs together and supervised by yourself. Thank you x

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