Golden Retriever Dad Meets His Puppies for the First Time

I could undo years of stress if I spent an afternoon with these beautiful doggies!!! My heart just melts ❤Dad was both nervous and careful in deciding whether or not to enter the pen. He had never seen such a thing, and he’s thinking, “Oh, so many of them, will they charge at me? ” Gentle and inquisitive.This is adorable!!! He’s so calm with the babies. You can tell he knows that they are his babies and he’s being so good and not getting overly excited over them but his tail is wagging! What a good daddy!!I love how calm the puppies are being introduced to dad! They don’t rush and charge at him. You can tell mom did an amazing job parenting and teaching them ❤️!What a way to start the weekend with daddy leo meeting his 11 adorable puppies. So precious and proud daddy leo and proud human grandparents having 11 puppies the house 😆 and what a year for daddy leo international vacation and daddy leo and congratulations to German shepherd tiger he is uncle did he see his adorable nieces and nephews behind the scenes?Soooooo HEART WARMING And ADORABLE❤ Brought tears to my eyes!!! I just recently lost my 16 year old Furbaby on August 18 2022. It TRULY brought JOY to me to see this Dad and his babies🙏🙏🙏❤

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